Why learn Hindi?

Hindi is one of the major official languages in India which is widely spoken by over 425 million people around the world. Majority of Hindi speakers reside in many of the northern states of Indian. Hindi is an official language in Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi. It is also widely spoken and understood in different parts of other Indian states such as - Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Maharashtra. People who move from other states to North India are learning Hindi. We have seen a lot of interest from outside India from spouses or friends of Hindi community as well as those who are adopting kids from states in North India. But there are plenty of other reasons to learn Hindi. Here are some of them.

I Love Bollywood Movies

One of the biggest Cinema Industry in world is Bollywood. Ever growing popularity of Hindi Cinema inspires movie lovers to learn Hindi. Around the globe Hindi cinema entertains people of different nations, languages, culture and ethnicity. You may be one of them and you want to learn Hindi so you can enhance your favorite Hindi movie watching experience even more.

Watch Hindi Television

What goes for Bollywood movies, same is true for Hindi Television. It's popularity is increasing as well as its reach. More non Hindi speakers watch Hindi Channels for news, soap operas and sitcoms. Enjoy more TV programming by learning Hindi.

My customer is Hindi

As India and Hindi are growing in the importance in world with more content on the web, e-commerce and growing consumer market, use of Hindi is inevitable for international trade. Learn Hindi to reach large market.

Befriend Your Neighbors

You will find Hindi speaking community all over India as well in the world. Your Hindi speaking neighbor is bound to love you more if you could communicate with them in Hindi.

Traveling to North India?

As it is true for most of India, frankly you would do fine in big cities in north India even if you know English alone. But it won't be as much fun as it would be to learn little bit of Hindi. If you learn and speak Hindi while traveling in north India it will give you more opportunities to enjoy your travel and may allow you to do or see things other visitors may not.

It's Your Mother Tongue!

Yes, your parents speak Hindi but you grew up in non Hindi schools and environment. May be outside of India or parts of India where Hindi is not that commonly used. Now you think you should learn language of your ancestors. Never a best day to start on that but today!

Learning Other Language

If you learn Hindi, you will have head start in other Sanskrit based Indian languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali etc. You might even want to learn Sanskrit! When you are learning Hindi, you are already learning some Urdu! colloquial Urdu and Hindi considered as same language in basic form with two different scripts.

Cultural Understanding

Learn the language and you will know their culture better. That's true for any language and culture around the world.

It's Easy!

If you already know other Indian language like Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali or Urdu learning Hindi is easy. Most of these languages share similar structure and vocabulary originated from Sanskrit. The grammar of Hindi is similar to English with few exceptions. For those of you who do not know Indian language, mastering grammar may look little challenging but if you use this site, you will find basic grammar easy to follow!


If you are in north India, you will find opportunities expanding once you learn Hindi. Learning Hindi is also helpful for thousands of government officials who are not native Hindi speaker. Hindi is one of the official language of communication in central government of India. Also, Hindi is the official language of many northern states of India. Learning Hindi will take you long ways.

It Is Fun!

For some, learning a language is adventure and fun. They enjoy challenges of learning, speaking and reading new language. Learning language itself takes effort but it pays off when you can use it immediately.

What is your reason to learn Hindi? Tell us.